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How to get discounted Armored Kuruma in GTA online

There are many armored cars in GTA Online. Armored Karuma is the cheapest armored car available in GTA Online. If you want to buy this car at the cheapest price then it is very simple. After following these steps, you can get Armored Kuruma at $525,000.

What is Kuruma Armoured?

Kuruma car has two variants in GTA Online., Karuma and Karuma Armoured. Armored Kuruma as the name suggests is an armored car in GTA Online. This car is highly recommended for new players in the game. Because it helps to kill enemies in the mission without taking damage.

Step 1. Purchase a high-end apartment

First, you need to purchase any high-end apartment to get armored Karuma at the lowest price. So you can purchase an apartment by going to the Dynasty8 website. Click on the HIGH-END option to filter out only high-end apartments. After that purchase any apartment according to your budget.

Many new players don’t have a big amount of money So you can purchase the cheapest apartment named Del Perro Heights 7 which is about $200,000.

Step 2. Complete Fleece Job mission

After Purchasing the apartment, you will be able to do planning-related missions. Go to the planning room of the apartment and begin planning for the mission. After completing the planning, you have to complete a mission called Fleeca Job which is a very simple mission.

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Step 3. Buy Karuma Armored from Website

Purchasing Karuma Armored  car

After completing the Fleeca Job mission, go to the Sothern SanAndreas SuperAutos website in-game. And find Karin Kuruma (Armored) can. You can purchase at a trade price of $525,000 instead of the regular price of $698,250. And that’s how you can Armored Kuruma cat at the very lowest price.

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