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Battlefield Mobile closed beta testing will be in this month

Electronic Arts is working on their mobile game Battlefield mobile since last year. They performed their first closed beta testing in September 2021. Now in the latest news, there will be another Battlefield Mobile closed beta testing. Read this article to know full details about upcoming closed beta testing.

Electronic Arts shred their quarterly earnings report on 1st Feb 2022.  And in this conference, they talked about games like Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends Mobile, and other games that they currently working on.

In this call, they mention about upcoming game battlefield mobile. Andrew Wilson, CEO at Electronic Arts confirmed that the next closed beta testing of battlefield mobile will be in the last week of February. And the game which is removed from the play store a year ago is brought back to the play store. Which is giving a strong hint of the upcoming closed beta testing phase.

Battlefield Mobile Closed beta Leaks

Battlefield Mobile in-game image
Battlefield Mobile in-game image

According to the data miners, developers added new weapons named Scar, G36, UMP, and new mode 16 vs 16 in this game. Which you can see in-game in the upcoming closed beta testing of this game.

On top of this, the game has received around 433 MB size of the in-game updates. This is giving hint that there will be new content in the upcoming closed beta testing.

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The pc version of the battlefield is famous for the massive multiplayer mode conquest. In which 64 players battle together. In the first beta testing, there was 32 player match mode. So it will be possible that we can see 64 player conquest mode in this beta test or in the final version of Battlefield mobile.

There can be more things than mentioned here. A lot of things will come through leaks and data miners. So stay tuned to get more updates about Battlefield Mobile.

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