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Best Outfits To Redeem In PUBG Mobile(2021)

In PUBG Mobile,There are many well textured and detailed outfits to redeem.Some outfits are much better than royal pass and crate outfits.In this article you will know about best outfits you can redeem in PUBG Mobile.

Fortune Teller Set

Fortune Teller Set is an Epic item.This outfit is in dark purple,dark blue and golden colors.

On the front side,It has so many sword textures just like the Mr.Bronze set.It has black gloves on both hands.On the gloves there is golden texture.

It has a neck band too.On the waist there is black  belt and on the belt,there is a golden sword ornament.It has so many details on the front side.

On the back,there is a skull and sword texture,which looks amazing.

Overall this outfit has so many amazing details.So you can consider this outfit too.

Silver Fragments1637001400

Daytime Magician Set

Daytime Magician Set is an Epic Item.This outfit is in white and bronze color.This outfit is designed very well and has textures which look good.

On the front side,this outfit has white gloves on both hands which looks good.This outfit has long boots.From back side you can see bronze chain texture.On waist,there is an engraved snake texture which looks good. 

It has a small dark red tie on the neck.The pant is simple but looks great.

Silver Fragments1476301260

Corsair Outfit

Corsair outfit is a legendary item.It is a very detailed outfit.It looks good with these textures,ornaments etc.

On the neck,it has a big pendal.On the top of this big pendal,there is a small round ball necklace too.

On the waist area,there are so many pieces of cloth in orange color.there is a big golden ornament on one hand.On the bottom of the outfit there are ornaments on legs too.

On the back ,it looks well detailed can see a silver band,pieces of cloth.Which has a pretty good texture.

If you like too many ornaments and too much detailed outfit,then you can consider this outfit.

Silver Fragments39216803360

Lion Champion Set

Line champion set is a legendary outfit.There is so much detailed texture in it.This outfit is based on a lion theme.Whole outfit is in white and golden color.

From the front,this outfit looks cool.You can see 6 pack abs on this outfit.There’s a golden ornament on the neck.There are feathers around the neck too.There is a big golden belt on its waist which is the main attraction of this outfit.

The short also looks nice with its golden textures.The paws on legs also look cool.From the back,the short looks detailed.

Silver Fragments39216803360

Wild Ambition Set

Wild Ambition Set is a legendary item.It has designed very well.It has so many ornaments on the whole outfit.There are so many details which make this outfit beautiful in looks.

It has red feathers on its arms,which looks has so many ornaments around its neck area.

From the back, it is well designed too.There are so many details like pieces of cloth, narrow chains etc.

On the bottom of the outfit,there are so many ornaments around the leg.So you can cosider this outfit from the redeem shop too.

Silver Fragments29412602520

Mr.Bronze Set

Mr.Bronze set is an Epic Item.This outfit is detailed very well.Whole outfit is in Bronze color(like name suggests) and has swords textures on it.

You can see white gloves in both hands with bronze sword texture on it which looks amazing.

This outfit has two swords texture on both side of front side of coat and one sword texture

On the back side of it.Outfit has a bronze colored belt too.

On the neck there are so many items you can see on this outfit.There is a scarf and a chain around the neck which looks very detailed.

The pants of this outfit is not as detailed as the upper portion of the outfit but it looks good.So you can consider wearing this outfit.

Silver Fragments1637001400

Desert Prince Outfit

As the name suggests this outfit is based on the prince of the desert.Although it looks like a mythic outfit but it is an Epic item.

Desert Prince Outfit is a very detailed outfit.It has too many things attached to it.On the upper side of the outfit,it has pockets,belts,defensive tools etc.It looks aggressive.It has a scarf around its neck which is very detailed.

From the back ,it looks well detailed too.You can see belts,pockets,pieces of cloths from the back side.

So you can consider buying this outfit too if you like too many ornaments and textures on the outfit.

Silver Fragments1968401680

Stealth Brigade Set

The Stealth Brigade set is an epic item.It is not as detailed as other outfits but if you want the rusty look of an outfit then you can consider this outfit.It has Call of Duty vibe.

When this outfit came to PUBG Mobile it cost 300 UC.But now you can get it with SF or AG.

You can see many things like pockets,wire,scarf around the neck etc on the front side of it.It is inspired by military type outfits so it does not have so many details.

On the back ,there is only one thing which is one big pocket.

If you like a simple but rusty outfit,then you can consider purchasing this outfit.

Silver Fragments1476301260

Street Cred set

Street Cred Set is an epic item.It has a funky look which looks pretty cool.

From the front,In the whole outfit there is so much graffities.In the shirt inside the jacket,there is graffiti on San Martin text.

It has so many stickers around the whole jacket.Whole outfit looks very shiny.

On the back side of the outfit There is no textures like the front side.Although it looks ok. 

Silver Fragments1476301260

Persian Warrior Outfit

Persian Warrior outfit is a legendary item.It has so many textures around the whole outfit.

It has so many golden ornaments in the hands,neck,shoulders and in the legs.It is On the waist area,there are pieces of cloth,which looks pretty detailed and well finished.

The bottom of the outfit is well detailed too.You can see golden texture on trousers.

On the back side you can see pieces of cloth and texture on trousers.

Silver Fragments39216803360

Noble Lineage Set

The Noble Lineage Set is a legendary item.This outfit is not engraved as another outfit but has a very detailed outfit compared to other outfits.This outfit is in red and golden color.

From the front,It looks very beautiful with its gorgeous golden textures.It has one belt on waist,which is very detailed and looks nice.

From the back,it has a good texture.There is a golden strip-like texture.So you can consider this outfit too.

Silver Fragments29412602520

Woman in Gold set

The Woman in Gold set is a legendary item.This outfit is in golden and dark blue color.

It has a shiny golden look.There is a headphone around the neck.It has a chain on neck.These details give the outfit a funky look.

This outfit has blue coloured sneakers which look cool.So you can consider this outfit too.

Silver Fragments39216803360

Mystery Reveler Set

The Mystery Reveler set is an epic item.Whole outfit is in pink color.

There are so many things attached to this outfit.Like handcuffs,pockets,belts etc.which has good textures.

There are good textures of snow on cuffs and at the bottom of the trouser.

From the back,you can see pockets,which have good textures.So you can redeem this outfit too if you like pink color.

Silver Fragments1767561512

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