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How to Download and Install Hyper Front in India

Download Hyper Front for india

Hyper Front is a  5v5 hero-based FPS mobile game. Which is looks like a Valorant game. The publisher of this game soft-launched this game in some regions like Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore on 20th January 2022. This game is not launched in India yet. But you can play this game in India. So read this article to know how to download the Hyper Front game in India.

Download and Play Hyper Front in India

Hyper Front game is not launched in India yet, therefore you cannot download it from Play Store. So you can download this game from the TapTap store.

You have to go to the TapTap website and then download its launcher on your smartphone. Then search Hyper Front in the TapTap store. 

tap tap hyper front

There you can see two versions of Hyper Front. One is global and one is the SEA version. Hence global version is not launched yet therefore tap on the SEA version and download it. The game size is about 1.67 GB.

After downloading and installing the game, you will need a VPN to play the game. You can use any VPN you like and select regions from Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. If you don’t sure which one VPN to use then you can use iTop VPN(not sponsored) and go to the gaming section and select Hyper Front game. Then connect to any of one server from Thailand or Malaysia.

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hyper front lobby screen

And open the game and when you reach the lobby screen of the game you can disconnect the VPN. And that’s it, you can start to play the Hyper Front matches without any errors.

When this game will launch globally then you can download it from the PlayStore. But until then use this method to play Hyper Front game in India. If you are still facing any difficulties after this then let me know in the comment.

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