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Drone Store In PUBG New State Full Guide

Drone Store in PUBG New State Full guide

Drone Store is one of the attractive things in PUBG New state. By the Drone Store, you can order items when you want while playing the match. We will see the guide on the Drone Store in this article.

What is the Drone Store?

A Drone store is one type of store that allows players to purchase items from the Drone Store and deliver the player’s selected item to their location. You can buy items via drone credits.

drone credits in pubg new state

Drone Credits are only useful for the Drone Store. You can get drone credits in any structures that are available on any map just like other items like guns, throwables, etc. You can find plenty amount of drone credits from structures all around the map. Therefore you must need drone credits to purchase items from the Drone Store.

Items available in the Drone Store:

There are so many items available in the Drone Store. Here is the list of all available items in the Drone Store and their respective drone credits.

Available itemsDrone Credits
Red Flare Gun2100
Green Flare Gun1200
Custom Kit (All)500
Search Drone550
Deployable Shield375
Med Kit625
Bandage (4)200
Adrenaline Syringe550
Energy Drink250
Gas Can150
EV Battery175
Red Flare Gun Ammo (1)1950
Green Flare Gun Ammo (1)1050
5.56mm Ammo (29)100
7.62mm Ammo (29)100
9mm Ammo (29)100
.45ACP Ammo (29)100
12Gauge Ammo (29)100

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How to use the Drone Store in PUBG New State?

drone store icon

When you are in playing the match, you can see one icon in the right corner of your screen which is Drone Store. You can see how many drone credits you have at the bottom of the Drone Store’s icon.

drone store in pubg new state

After opening it, you can see all available items in it. After that, you have to place the order of items you want. Then tap on the items you want and items will be added in the MY CART.

choose location in the drone store

After selecting items tap on the ORDER button. After that, you have to select the place you want to receive drop by drone. Then tap on the PLACE HERE button. As a result, you will see one mark on the spot which you have selected while placing an order. 

After that, you just have to wait for the drone to arrive. After some time the drone will arrive at the spot and it will drop the crate at that location.

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And that’s how you can use the Drone Store in the PUBG New State.

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