How To Fix High Ping Problem In BGMI

BGMI is one of the most popular battle royale games for smartphones. Many players all around the world enjoy BGMI a lot. But sometimes we face issues like high ping which makes our experience not so good. Some user with slow internet connection they get high ping issue. Even players with a better internet connection, they also get high ping issue. So here are given some straightforward methods to fix the high ping in BGMI.

Clear all background apps To Fix High Ping

clear background apps

Apps running in the background can cause high ping in your game. Because many apps in the background send and receive data from the internet. Some apps send too much data.

So if such apps running in the background, your network has to be in that apps. As a result, you will get a high ping.

So remember to close all background apps before opening BGMI.

Use Native game booster

use game booster

In the latest android phones of Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, MI, Realme, etc. are providing game boosters in-built. Such as Game launcher of Samsung, Game Turbo of MI, Game Mode of Vivo, etc.

This Game booster can increase the performance of your phone. These game boosters are capable to bring down the latency of any game. They can also stop background apps from accessing your phone’s resources like network, memory, and any other resources while you are playing your game.

So if your phone has a native game booster then enable it whenever you play BGMI.

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Stop Background Syncing Of Apps

stop background app sync

Another way to reduce ping is to stop automatic sync in apps in the background on your phone.

Many unnecessary apps may send data over the internet even if you are not using it. So as a result of sending and receiving data of such kinds of apps, you might get a high ping in the game. So it is best to turn this off to reduce ping in your BGMI.

To disable background syncing of apps, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Now there will be an option called Restrict data usage or Data Usage.
  4. Disable Wi-Fi and Data network from it.

Now check the apps which you are not using regularly. And do this to such kinds of apps.

This setting will restrict apps from accessing resources through your network. So this will your high ping problem as well as it will save your internet data.

Airplane Mode 

If you play BGMI on your cellular network then sometimes you can face high ping because your phone struggles to connect to the internet or there can be an issue with your cellular network.

So If you high ping during playing matches then you can try to turn off and on airplane mode. In many cases, you can solve the high ping issues by trying this method.

So you can solve the high ping issue with this method too.

Manage Phone Storage

manage phone storage to fix high ping

If your phone’s storage is full, then you should clean up your phone for a better gameplay experience. Many apps create MBs And GBs size of the cache even if you are not using them.

This cache can slow down your phone and in some cases, you might get a high ping with this full phone storage.

So you should go to Settings and Apps and clear the cache of apps. It should reduce your ping in BGMI.

Repair Your Game To Fix High Ping

repair BGMI to fix high ping in bgmi

If you have tried the above-given methods and even if you are facing high ping in-game, then it is possible then it may be an issue with the game.

So you have to repair the game to fix the high ping issue.

To repair the game, log out from your game and you can see the Repair button. There you can see an option called Routine Repair. Check only this option and click OK. After that, you have to reopen your game.

You will receive a small update when you reopen your game. After the update, the high ping issue will get solved.

So there are given methods to reduce ping in BGMI. You can resolve your high ping issue by trying the above method or methods. Hope you liked this article.

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