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How To Fly Glider In BGMI

There are many vehicles in BGMI. There are all kinds of vehicles in BGMI like ground, sea, and air vehicles. The glider is an air vehicle in BGMI.In this article, you will get to know how to fly gliders.

Many new players found that Glider is very hard to handle and fly. But this is not true. With the right technique, you can fly gliders very easily. So in this article, you will know about how to fly gliders in BGMI.

There are four options when you get into a Glider:

Glider in BGMI
  • Reduce Throttle 

Reduce glider speed by rotating the glider’s fan at the opposite speed.

  • Increase Throttle

To increase glider speed

  • Ascend

To go in an upward direction

  • Descend

To go in a Downward direction

How to fly Glider

First, when you get into the glider, tap in the Increase throttle button until the Gas indicator reached its max.

Now release your finger from the Increase Trottle button.

Now, wait until the speed of the glider reaches at least 75 km/h. When it reaches 75 km/h, slowly tap multiples times on Ascend button. Note that don’t hold Ascend button because if you hold Ascend button your glider becomes uncontrollable and will crash for sure.

So slowly tap multiple times until the glider reaches a certain point in the sky.

Flying Glider in BGMI

Now don’t tap on any button. Now you can see that Glider will become stable and it will move straight forward.

If you want to change the direction of the glider then tap multiple times of left or right according to your destination(Don’t hold just tap multiple times).

How to land Glider

If you want to land, then tap on Reduce Trottle button until the Gas indicator shows neutral. Now press Descend button and the glider will come closer to the ground. Now decide the best terrain or road to land it.

So that’s how you can fly gliders very easily in BGMI.

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