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How To Get In Solo Public Session in GTA V Online on PC

solo public session in GTA Online

Many times many players in GTA Online are tired of hackers that ruin their multiplayer experience. Or some players want to grind in the game but griefers wouldn’t let them grind. So if you want to play solo public session in GTA Online whether to grind without being fear of griefers or hackers then here are given steps for it.

Step 1. Get into the Public session

The first step is to open GTA Online and get into a normal GTA Online session. In which there are other players in the same lobby as you are. As you can see below, here is an example of one public session.

GTA online normal session

As you can see in the above image, there are a lot of players in the session.

Step 2. Minimize the game and open task manager

Now you have to minimize your game and open task manager(ALT+SHIFT+ESCAPE). After you open task manager, go to the Performance tab. In the performance tab, you can see the Open Resource Monitor Option.

task manager

Step 3. Suspend the GTA5.exe process

Now in the Resouce Monitor Find the process called GTA5.exe in the memory or CPU or Network tab. Then right-click on the GTA5.exe process and click on Suspend Process as shown below in the image.

Suspend GTA5.exe process

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Step 4. Resume GTA5.exe process

Resume GTA5.exe process

Now you have to leave the process suspended for about 7 to 10 seconds. Then again right click on the GTA5.exe process and click on Resume Process.

Step 5. Maximize the game and play solo public session

Now Maximize the game and Voilà!! You should see above the map notifications as shown below that every player left the session. Only one player will remain in the session and that will be you.

GTA Onilne solo public session

And that’s it. Now Enjoy your solo public sessions.

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