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6 reasons why must have Armored Kuruma in GTA Online

GTA V Online is a massively multiplayer game. GTA Online provides a wide range of vehicles. In this game, there is a wide range of vehicles that are equipped with armor. Armored Kuruma is one of that armored vehicles. Here are 5 Reasons why you should consider buying this car if you are new in the game.

One of the Cheapest armored cars

Kruma armored is one of the cheapest cars in GTA Online. You can get Kuruma armored at a discounted price of $525,000. If you don’t know how to get armored Kuruma at a discounted price then Click Here.

So if you are a new player in GTA Online then you should definitely buy this car because it is one of the cheapest armored cars in GTA Online.

Protection against Grifers

grifer attacking player

The second reason why you should buy armored Kuruma is it helps to get rid of griefers. Griefers can ruin your missions or other important objectives in the game. If there are some griefers in your session, then they can ruin your overall gaming experience.

So this car can help you to protect yourself against griefers because this is an armored car. If they shoot gun bullets at you then Kuruma can save you from it. 

Easier to do Missions

Hence Kuruma Armored is an armored vehicle therefore it can help you to kill enemies in the mission. You have to kill a gang of enemies and in most of the missions, you have only 1 life to do the mission. 

In that kind of mission, this car will help you a lot. Because you will not get killed by bullets so easily.

Easier to eliminate Gang Attacks with Armored Kuruma

gang attack while driving armored kuruma

Gang attacks are one type of side mission that you can do in free mode. In gang attacks, you have to kill a group of people who are located in certain locations. There are many gang attack locations in GTA online.

Armored Kuruma makes this work easy for you. You just need to drive Kuruma near to them and shoot gun bullets from the car. They cannot kill you easily because of the armor in the car.

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Good Speed And Car Mechanism

drifting armored kuruma

Armored Kuruma is a sports vehicle therefore it has very good speed. According to reports, its top speed is about 147mph. But with modifications, you can achieve higher speed.

It has a good car mechanism. Not to mention, You can tune the car’s mechanism to a higher level from the Los Santos Customs. So overall this car is good respective to its speed.

Police chase with Armored Kuruma

Police chase with armored kuruma

When you have wanted level or you want to do police chasing just for fun then Armored Kuruma will surely help you. If your car is a normal car then the police can kill you in a couple of minutes. Because of armor in the car, you can kill cops but cops, or helicopter bullets will not hit you easily. 

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