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Piggyback Feature Is Coming In PUBG Mobile

piggyback in pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile comes with a lot of new features in every update. And in PUBG Mobile, brand new update 1.7 is coming in this November. In this update, many features will come. According to many sources, a brand new feature called piggyback is coming.

The Piggyback feature is already in the PC version of PUBG but with this update, you can use it in PUBG Mobile as well as in BGMI too.

What Is The Piggyback Feature In PUBG Mobile?

With this piggyback feature, you can carry your knocked teammate to any safe place to revive him.

Not only teammate, but you can also carry opponent which is knocked. So that means that you can carry any knocked player to another spot.

When you are carrying, you cannot sprint faster and your character’s speed will also become slow. You can’t fire with your weapon or jump while carrying a player. But you can pick up or drop items from your backpack. So there are some pros and cons while you use this feature. To know all this before you use this feature.

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How To Use This Feature In PUBG Mobile?

piggyback player in pubg mobile

To use this piggyback feature, you have to go near the knocked player. When you go near him, you will see a button called Piggyback on your screen. So you can carry the player on your shoulders with this button.

put down player in pubg mobile

And when you want to put it down, you just have to tap on the Put-Down button on your screen.

How Much Time You Will Be Able To Carry The Player?

There is no such type of restriction with this feature. Therefore You will be able to carry the player as long as you want or until the player not gets eliminated.

In Which Maps You Can Use The Piggyback Feature?

This feature will be available to classic matches. This means that you will be able to use this feature in all classic maps. It is possible that you will be able to use other modes available in-game.

There are so many other features in the 1.7 update that will come. So stay tuned.

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