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Which Graphics API is best for PUBG New State

OpenGL vs Vulkan which is best for Pubg new state

PUBG New State is a very realistic game. This game provides two APIs for graphics. Two graphics APIs are OpenGL ES and Vulkan. Many people are confused over these two APIs on which one to choose. If you choose the wrong API then you might face performance and graphics issues. So after reading this article you will be able to know which API is best for your devices.

OpenGL ES Graphics API:

First, let’s talk about OpenGL ES graphics API. OpenGL is old API than Vulkan. And also this API is more optimized than Vulkan API. That’s why all mid-range to flagship phones supports OpenGL ES API.

But there are some drawbacks with OpenGL API. This API provides good performance but it also consumes more processing power. That’s why you will get good performance at the start of the game but then the performance of the game will decrease over time.

Vulkan Graphics API:

Vulkan API is the latest API. This is optimized for all the latest devices. This API gives good FPS as well as good graphics. It Also costumes less processing power and better FPS.

The only drawback of this API is that only the latest devices support this API not all devices support Vulkan API.

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Which One to choose?

Lastly, One question will pop into your head which API to choose? Here is the simplest answer for you. 

If you have low-end or mid-range devices then use OpenGL API. Because as we saw above, this API is the oldest API and it is optimized very well for every device. 

FYI: PUBG Mobile Uses OpenGL graphic API.

 If you have flagship phones then go for Vulkan API. Vulkan API will give better FPS and graphics than OpenGL ES graphic API.

If you don’t sure which API to use yet, then simply go for OpenGL graphic API. Because all low-end and flagship devices support this API.

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