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Customization kit in PUBG New State Full Guide

Customization kit in PUBG New State

Customization kit is a brand new feature that is introduced in PUBG New State. This kit is very useful to upgrade guns while playing matches. With this kit, you can make impossible things possible, such as you can make an M16A4 gun in auto-mode, increasing the magazine capacity of Dp-28 from 47 bullets to 72 bullets, and many more. Here is given a complete guide about the customization kit.

What is a customization kit?

A customization kit is used to upgrade most of the guns available in PUBG New State. You can add extra features to guns and improve guns’ performance. 

When you upgrade your gun with a customization kit, there are some pros and cons that too. When you upgrade guns, you can get extra features like improvement in stability, fast reloading, auto fire, increase in damage, etc. But with these features, you can lose something in some guns too.

 Ex. When you apply a kit on the M762 gun, you will increase its Damage on opponents, but with that, you will lose its recoil control. So apply it after knowing the pros and cons of particular guns.

How to get a Customization kit?

customization kit in drone store

You can get it either by finding it in the structures on the map or by purchasing it from the Drone Store Which is about 500 drone credits.

How to use it?

After getting the customization kit, you will see the Custom button on the gun when you open your backpack. Note that you will only get a custom button if your gun is customizable.

upgrading gun with customization kit

Tap on it and you will see the pros and cons you will get if you customize a particular gun. Then tap on Customize button and your gun will be upgraded.

You can customize almost all Assult Rifles, DMRs, Sniper Rifles, Machine guns, etc. But some guns are not customizable like Groza,mk14, AUG, pistols, and AWM.

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Guns with Customization kit

Here is given all list of guns with their custom types, advantages, and disadvantages with customization kit.

So here are all details you should know about the Customization kit in the PUBG New State game.

Gun NameCustom TypeAdvantagesDisadvantages
M16A4Bump Stock And Grip SlotFull auto mode
Lover rail slot available
Stock slot unavailable
Mk 47 mutantLong BarrelCan Auto FireVertical Recoil Control
DP-28Pan MagazineMagazine capacityReload speed 
VSSOpen Scope SlotScope slot available
Stable recoil motion
SCAR-LBalanced TypeVertical recoil control.Horizontal recoil control.Magazine capacity.None
M249Soft Pouch MagazineMagazine capacityReload speed 
Beryl M762Soft BarrelIncrease damagerecoil control.
AKMPicatinny railCan use lower rail slotNone.
Tommy GunIncreased damage and an open slotDamage
Damage drop-off silence
Can use upper rail slot
Recoil control
Micro UZIBalanced TypeVertical recoil control
Horizontal recoil control
Recoil recovery
PP-19 BizonBizon suppressorDamage
Damage drop-off silence
VectorBarrel ShroudDamage drop-off silenceNone
S12KIncreased combat rangeShotgun pellets spread tightness
drop-off distance
Open stock slot
S1897Full chokeShotgun pellets spread tightnessNone
SLRLong BarrelDamageRecoil control

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