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What’s New In PUBG New State Update 0.9.2

What's New In PUBG New State update 0.9.2

In PUBG New State update 0.9.2, there are so many new things that are added to the game. Here is given all details that are new in update 0.9.2 in PUBG New State.

New Weapon L85A3

L85A3 Weapon

L85A3 is a brand new 5.56 assault rifle in PUBG New State. This gun has a high damage rate but a slow fire rate. This gun supports both auto and single modes. So you can use this as any other Assault rifle.

With the Customization kit, you can attach a bipod foregrip to this L85A3 gun. With this bipod foregrip, you can increase vertical recoil control, stable recoil motion as well as increase recoil control when crouching. 

But if you customize L85A3, then you will have a slower ADS and also you will lose the ability to attach an extra foregrip. So it is best to use customized L85A3 to mid and long ranges.

Additional customizations for M416/SLR

Addition attachments for M416 and SLR

Additional customization options for M416 and SLR have been added in this update.

Now you can attach a Long barrel in M416. After attaching a Long barrel with a customization kit, you can increase the damage rate but m416 suffers from increased vertical recoil.

You can attach 5.56 Barrel to SLR. With this 5.56 Barrel, you can change SLR’s ammo type from 7.62 to 5.56 mm. And with that, you can also increase recoil control but you will decrease the damage of SLR.

New Vehicle Electron And Mesta

New vehicles Eletron and Mesta

PUBG New State added two new vehicles in this update.

Electron is an all-new electric vehicle in PUBG New State. Electron is a 6 seater electric van. This vehicle is only available to Troi. Electron’s speed is slower compared to any other vehicle but it has high durability. That means it can take high damages.

PUBG New State added another vehicle called Mesta in this update. Mesta can reach up to 140 kph speed when you use the boost.

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Merit Point System

Merit point system

Like PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State also added a merit system in this update. If someone from your team kills you intentionally, you will be able to decrease the merit of that teammate. 

When you die from your teammate, one popup will come on your screen. And from that popup, you can decrease the merit of that teammate.

If merit points drop below 70, then you will be restricted from playing squad matches. Then you have to play solo matches to increase merit points and to play with the squad again.

New Lobby Theme

New lobby theme

In this update 0.9.2, PUBG New State added a new lobby theme. This theme is based winter festival theme. Which looks pretty cool!

Some little Vehicle improvements

Vehicle interaction improvement

Some little vehicle improvements have been done in this update. You can get into nearby vehicles from different angles from the doors of the vehicle.

Vehicle Radio

The game added a radio system in the vehicles. So You can listen to songs while driving your favorite vehicle.

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Vehicle Controls

Until now when you tap on boost while driving the vehicle on auto-drive mode, the game disables it. Now when you tap on boost on auto-drive mode, it will not disable it.

The stability of the vehicle at the cornering is also improved.

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