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PUBG Mobile: Tips to win in Santorini TDM map

Tips to win santorini map

Santorini map is an 8v8 players TDM match in PUBG Mobile. Many players are playing this new TDM map. And if you are one of them and want to win matches on the Santorini map then here are given some tips to win the Santorini map. After applying these tips, you can surely improve your gameplay in the Santorini map and win the match.

Choose long-range or short-range weapons

Santorini map is a fast-paced TDM map. Santorini map is also a close combat map due to its structure. So choosing the right weapon is necessary for this map.

Short-range or close-range weapons perform a major role in winning or losing TDM in the Santorini map. If you want to snipe from spawn location then blot action rifles like M24 or Kar98 is the best option. And if you want to fight enemies face to face then pick up any SMGs like UMP, Uzi, or vector. Because various structures of the map are very close to each other and if you will lose Assult Rifles then you might be getting killed by enemies. So SMGs or Bolt action rifles are good for the Santorini map.

Know Santorini map completely to win in Santorini map

Santorini map

The first step is You have to know the Santorini map perfectly. Because by exploring the map carefully, you will get to know all paths, stairs, etc. This will give you an overall idea of the map.

To do this try to play some matches on the Santorini map and try to take different paths to know the map.

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Use a 5-sec Protection in your benefit

Scoping in Santorini map

You know that in TDM matches, we are getting 5-second protection shield every time we spawn after getting killed. If you are sniping in Santorini, then this feature benefits you to kill opponents without taking single damage.

So When you spawn after being killed, you have to go to a position where you can see opponents as soon as possible before 5-second protection vanishes. And in that time you can easily kill opponents.

Use Throwables to win in Santorini map

throwing granade in Santorini map

Use Throwables like Grenades, Molotoves, Stun Granade in Santorini map most of the time. Because Santorini map is wide map and kind of open map. So you have plenty of space to throw throwables at opponents.

Unlike other TDM maps in PUBG Mobile, the Santorini map is a clean and narrow open map. So there are many locations from where you can throw throwables.

Rush together

Other TDM maps are 4v4. But Santorini map is the only TDM map in PUBG Mobile which is 8v8. And to win, your team will have to score not 50 but 80 points.

So in the Santorini map, teamwork plays a major role to win. If your team will rush alone, then you might lose the match. 

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Communicate with teammates

As with all maps in PUBG Mobile, Communication with voice chat always help you and your teammates. By communicating with teammates, you can know the locations of the opponents. You can tell the location of the opponents via voice chat or a quick chat.

Glide To dodge the bullets to win in Santorini map

If opponents are firing bullets at you and if you have no cover to save your self then glide to dodge the bullet in Santorini map. Santorini is a kind of open map therefore gliding will be very useful.

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