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Web Shooter crates locations in Erangel in PUBG Mobile

web shootelocations in pubg mobile

In Pubg mobile update 1.8, a new mode related to spider man has come. In this mode, there are many cool things. Like Web Shooter, Spiderweb Ball, and fight of spiderman with meta boss, etc. One of the cool things is a web-shooter in this mode. With the web shooter, you will be able to go from one structure to another nearby structure with a web just like spiderman. And Web Shooter can only be achieved by crates which are separated all around the map on Erangel and Livik.

So Here you will be able to know all locations in the Erangel map where you can find crates of web-shooter.

Web Shooter Crates In Pochinki

In Pochinki, there is a total of 4 locations where you can find a web shooter crate.

web shooter locations in pochinki

From the map:

1: Under the wall of the tunnel, there is a web-shooter.

2:There is one 2 story building on the left of 3 story building. In that building, at the staircase, you can find a crate.

3: There is one two-story building containing a crate.

4:There is a squad house on the mark.

Hence if you lend on the Pochinki with the squad, each member will be able to get a web shooter for sure.

Water City

There are 2 locations for web-shooter in the water city.

web shooter locations in water city

From the image above you will find crate at:

1: In the main large 2 story building in the center of the water city, there is a web shooter crate.

2. At the top of the sniping tower.

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Gergo city

web shooter locations in gergo city

On the western side of Gergo city, there is one multi-story building like Prison’s main building, where you can find a web-shooter.



In the underground tunnels of the shelter, you can find one crate attached to any random wall of the tunnel.

Web Shooter Crates In Prison

web shooter location in prison

As shown in the image above, In the main multi-story building of the prison, you can find not one but two crates in any random room of that building.

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Web Shooter Crates In Yasnaya

web shooter locations in yasnaya polyana

Just like Pochnki, you can get 4 crates in the Yasnaya Polyana.

1: There is a church on that mark, where you can find two crates of web-shooters.

2:There is one structure which is called Diner. In that structure, you can get 2 crates(one from the front entrance and one from the back entrance)


web shooter crate in mansion

There is a two-story building in the center on the mention where you can find 1 crate.


location of web shooter in mylta

In Mylta, there is a two-story building on the right side of the garage, there is one crate.

Web Shooter Crates In School/ School Apartments

web shooter locations in school area

As sown in the above image, you can find a web shooter crate on that school apartment.

In the School, there are a total of 3 crates.

1:In the swimming pool, you can find one crate.

2: there is a big classroom in the school where you can find one web shooter crate.

3: On the second floor of the school building you can find one crate near the mark on the above image.

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Web Shooter Crates In Gergopol

web shooter locations in gergopol

There is a total of 3 locations for web-shooter in Gergopol.

From the above image as marked:

1: There is one open container in the marked area, inside it, there is a crate.

2: under the stairs of the Crain, there is one web-shooter crate.

3: As marked in the image, you will find a crate in that warehouse.


web shooter in Novo

In the Novo area, there is one garage on the road outside Novo. Where you can find one crate.

Mylta Power

web shooter locations in Mylta power

After the fight of spider man with the metal boss in Mylta Power, 3 crates are being spawned on that location. In That crate, you can find web-shooters.

Military Base

web shooter locations in Military base

Military Base contains 5 web shooter crates.

As shown in the above image:

1: At the Military base tower.

2: There is a missile launch building at the mark.

3: At one of the 3 buildings of the military base, you can find one crate on the building which is marked on the above image.

4:In the structure which is marked in the image, there is one crate.

5: In the factory of the military base, there is one crate.

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In the tunnel of Gatka, you will find one crate of web-shooter.

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