BEST use cases of naive bayes classifier in machine leaning

To classify news into different categories like sports, education, travel, national, international, stocks, etc. This is very useful in many organizations that want to enhance user experience. 

News Classification 

Naive Bayes Classifier is also very good at detecting whether the given SMS or Email is spam or ham based on their words as features. 

Spam classification 

The Naive Bayes Classifier can classify or categorize objects from videos or images. It can also be used for face recognition tasks also. 

Object recognition 

Medical diagnosis is very responsible and challenging. Naive Bayes classifier is used in medical diagnosis because it gives better accuracy and better performance. 

Medical diagnosis 

the Naive Bayes classifier is very much used in Weather prediction. It performs very well in predicting the possibility of rain, temperature, and humidity. 

Weather prediction 

To predict the possibility of how much the given sentence is positive or negative than there the Naive Bayes classifier is used.  

Sentiment Analysis 

want to know how the naive bayes classifier works?


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