Amazing  Ways to get the datasets for data science 


Kaggle is the best platform for data scientists. On Kaggle, many companies put their original data on their platform.

Dataset Search

Dataset search is kind of search engine for datasets. You can type the dataset you want in the search bar just like the Google search engine.

UCI machine learning repository

UCI machine learning repository is a website from which you can get rich and cleaned data.

Azure Open Dataset 

Microsoft’s  Azure Open Datasets also provide datasets for machine learning or deep learning. You can access each dataset with Azure API. 

Open Data on AWS 

Like Azure, amazon’s Open Data On AWS also contains open, free commercial use datasets.  It contains a large variety of datasets to use. 


On Reddit, you can find many communities regarding Data science. From them you may get datasets.

Web Scraping

Web scraping is an automated process to generate data that you need. from the websites.

Crowd Sourcing 

Crowd Sourcing is another way to get your desired data from your audience through social media.

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