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What is logging and How to make it from scratch in python

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  • 4 min read

With the help of python, we can build many projects of web scraping, data science, and more. When you are building a project, logging is also an essential part of that. There are many benefits of logging into the program. Here we will talk about what is logging in python and how to do it by the in-built library as well as by building it from scratch.

When to use Precision, Recall, or F1-score?

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  • 5 min read

There are mainly two types of problems with machine learning. The first one is regression and the second is a classification problem. After building any model, its evaluation is a very important part of making the best model and optimizing it. Here you will know when to use Precision, Recall, or F1 score to evaluate the classification problem.

SMOTEENN: A tool to handle imbalanced datasets in machine learning

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  • 3 min read

In classification-related supervised machine learning projects, sometimes we get imbalanced datasets. There are many methods available to deal with that. SMOTEEN is one of the methods that make an imbalanced dataset a balanced dataset. Here you will see Handle imbalanced datasets with SMOTEENN.

Great Ways to Get the Datasets for machine learning

You can’t make any machine learning or deep learning model without data. You must have a dataset of a particular domain to create a model from it. But many times it happens that you can’t find your desired dataset on a particular website. Here are ways to get the dataset of your choice.

Feature Selection with Lasso Regression in machine learning

Many feature selection techniques include RFE(Recursive feature elimination), VIF(Variance Inflation Factor), VarianceThreshold, and many more. Lasso is one of the feature selection techniques in Data Science, which is used for feature selection for linear regression problems only. Lasso has two use cases. First, it is used to get rid of the overfitting of the linear… Read More »Feature Selection with Lasso Regression in machine learning

Flask app to convert images to WebP in python

Recently I have been searching to convert my images to Webp. But I found that the most popular WebP converter websites were not fully free versions. They are giving let’s say 5 or 10 images to convert to WebP for free and then they will ask to buy their paid version to convert unlimited images. Therefore after some research, I built the flask app to convert my PNG or any other format images into WebP format. So here I provided that app here.

What is Stratify in train_test_split? With example

To spit data into a training set and test set, you had indeed used the train_test_split library from scikit learn.Here we will talk about one parameter called stratify in train_test_split in a simple way.